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Here's what I've heard in the last 8 years of editing:

1. I need an editor because I'm too backed up!

2. I can't seem to get my whites white enough. 

3. It takes me 2-4 weeks to edit one wedding. How can I go faster?

4. I don't love editing.. its so frustrating.

5. I don't know what to look for and I don't have an eye for color. 

6. My digitals don't match my scans. The suits! It's always the suits!

I have helped dozens+ of hybrid photographers over the years to keep their sanity during wedding season! My time is limited in terms of weddings I can take, however, the knowledge I have on how to do this successfully is something I can always offer! 

I have three avenues of teaching resources for you. 

Credit: Magi Fisher, Jessa Schifilliti, Diane Sotero 


In 3 sessions, I cover:


1. Lightroom mechanics and shortcuts

2. Film emulation with your preset 

3. My recommendations for the best film presets/profiles on the market

3. How to achieve the bright and airy look, or the look fits your brand

4. How to stay on brand each session or wedding

5. How to edit faster, more accurately and more efficiently (seriously, so much prettier and faster!)


Along with these topics, there are unlimited Q&A's within the timeframe.  We can include in the 3 sessions whatever questions you have. 


If you want just one session, there's no agenda! It's an hour of Q&A's, ask me anything. 




Hybrid Editing Bootcamp

This 7 day guided course spills all the details on every tip, trick and method I've developed over the years to emulate film pretty darn close to perfect. Take the course with me and you'll be a pro by the end! My hope is you learn the neccessary tools and structure to not only allow you to edit well, but edit quickly and efficiently!


I edit 1-2 weddings a day without trouble, and I truly love my job. I want YOU to love editing too, so you have all the tools you need to grow your business without the obstacle of editing in the way. How nice would it be to NOT be stressed out when wedding season comes around! Free up your time but editing in the most efficient way possible. Why not add another tool in your belt? Here's a secret...shhh.. don't tell... *whispers* the more your digitals look like film, the less film you actually have to shoot (which saves so much money in the end). Am I right? 


Piper Post 

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