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Piper Post

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to Piper Post! ​

As a former wedding photographer, I understand how stressful running a photography business can be. Wearing all the hats is fine in the beginning stages, but I've found through 7 years of working with wedding photographers that outsourcing is the best kept secret to not only surviving this industry, but thriving! 

Piper Post is a small editing company with just a handful of assistants helping me maintain my workflow. I edit around 200 weddings a year, and over time, I've learned some really simple things to ensure I'm effective and consistent with each gallery sent to me. One thing that sets my system apart is, every wedding gallery starts and ends with me. You'll communicate with me throughout the process, I'll take notes and improve on the weddings each time, keeping them consistent with your feedback. This strategy has worked really well so far, and I'll continue to keep this business small, manageable and personal. It's the only way I know how to be successful, and your happiness is the most important thing to me, always!




Based in Los Angeles

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