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If you are sending film with your catalog, for best results, please consider sorting your digital and film into collections first. To do this, Go to the Collections tab to the left of your Library Mode and create collections. Examples of these are; Getting Ready, Groomsmen Getting Ready, Details, First Look, Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Group Portraits, Couple Portraits, Family Portraits, Reception, Dancing, and Send Off. 


Once you have Collections made, you can drag and drop your photos into those sections, including your film. I like to have film labeled in a color like Blue, and then any anchor images you edit for me to use as an example, in another color. 


This way my team will be able to see the film right next to the digitals and we can make sure colors line up nicely. If you have anchor photos edited in the gallery, this also helps with particular settings you prefer like grain, dehaze, saturation, HSL preferences, and it’ll guarantee we use the right profile/preset too. 


This is not mandatory but we have had success editing catalogs this way, more so than if the film are at the end of the catalog and the photos are not sorted by category. It is still doable that way, but my preference is using collections, especially if you are not fully satisfied with the film emulation after receiving the first few edited galleries. 

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Anchor Images

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